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  • Steve Jaffe

The ultimate in ultra-long haul flying (and you thought your flight was long!)

Updated: May 26, 2022

Tel Avivi Ben Gurion Airport Departures Screen Bereshit Moon Landing

For a brief, shining moment, Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport took the mantle (by far) for the world's longest flight. I we mean really long! As in, out of this world. While the Israeli Beresheet spacecraft was making its final descent to the moon last Thursday (April 11), The Israel Airports Authority was having a little fun. With a slight tweak of the arrival boards, the Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) Beresheet showed an ontime arrival on Ben Gurion's newest nonstop destination -- the moon! And on time it did arrive, if perhaps not with the type of landing in which any onboard passengers (of which thankfully there weren't) would have applauded. No word yet as to whether the route involved flying over Saudi airspace.

Bereshit moon landing -- image of the moon

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